Here is a rough breakdown of the differences between VC and SBIR:


NSF: Aerodynamic Flow Deflector For Current And Future Wind Turbines

HHS: Aerosolized platinum nanoparticle chemotherapy for lung cancer

NSF: Affordable Metal Additive Manufacturing

NSF: Affordable On-Demand Additive Manufacturing

DOT: Air Void Detection in Fresh Concrete

NASA: Airborne Particulate Monitor for Spacecraft

Ag: Alfalfa bloom prediction

Ag: Algae Production for Aquaculture Feeed

DOE: Algae Technology for CO2 Utilization

NSF: Alleviating Social Skills Disorders through Avatars and Game Based Learning

CAN I DO BOTH? YES! It used to be that if an investor (VC, PE, etc) even had a minority position in a company then the company couldn't do an SBIR, but that has changed and you can have investors so long as:
1) If you have foreign investors/the investment firm is owned by foreigners
  a) The investors have a minority interest

  b) The investors don't control the company applying for the SBIR
2) If your investors are Americans/the investment firm is owned by Americans
  a) They can have a majority position
  b) They can control the SBIR company
  c) So long as the size of the investment firm PLUS the SBIR company PLUS any companies "affiliated" with the investment company total less than 500 people

For more information on the impact of having investors see HERE

And for more information on AFFILIATION see HERE


Ag: Ammonia Sensor Module for Enclosed Livestock Housing

HHS: An RNA-targeted platform for anti-flavivirus drug discovery

NSF: Analysis of chopped fiber-reinforced plastics

DOE: Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation

HHS: Anti-Ebola Agents

HHS: Anxiety Coach for Children

HHS: App to Promote Safe and Effective use of Opioids in Young Children

NSF: Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Reasoning, and Formative Feedback for STEM Students

Commerce: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane Analyzer

Commerce: Atmospheric Methane Stable Isotope Ratios Measurements

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