NSF: Real-Time Multisensory Learning for Special Education Students

NSF: Real-time air quality sensors

NSF: Real-Time Learning Outcome Reporting

DHS: Real-time Flood Forecasting and Reporting

DOT: Real-Time Broken Rail Detection

DHS: Real-Time Authentication to Counter Caller ID Spoofing

NSF: Reactor Technology for Converting CO2 to Hydrocarbons

NSF: Reactive Additive Manufacturing

NSF: Re-engineered skin bacteria as a topical drug delivery system

NSF: Rare Earth Element Recycling

What does the financial cycle look like for an SBIR company:


Thoughts on integrating an SBIR into your current work life and bridging the gap between Phase I and II:


Students:  Universities tend to be flexible with leaves of absence so if you can start your SBIR application when you still have 2+ years of school left you can take a leave of absence during Phase I, then do 6-12 months of school while waiting for Phase II then graduate roughly when the Phase II funds arrive (you may need to do a couple classes while working your Phase II).

Bridge capital (Debt): Many founders maintain their businesses operations during low revenue periods through lines of credit or bridge loans

Entrepreneurs: Small businesses tend to have a lot of flexibility when it comes to staffing but are also very lean, so putting someone on the SBIR for 51% of their time and client work for 49% of their time can be easier than for employees of large businesses.

Contracting : Many SBIR recipients augment their SBIR grants by consulting and many clients prefer to hire part time consultants allowing you to maintain your income while serving as the full time PI

Bridge capital (Equity):  Many SBIR companies are able to raise respectable bridge financing through investments from VCs based on the strength of the research conducted during Phase I


Ag: Real-time prediction of beef tenderness and USDA grades

NASA: Realtime Damage Identification

NSF: Reverse Osmosis Membrane

NSF: Recovering valuable metals from industrial wastewater

Ag: Ripening Technology for Delivering Ready-to-Eat Fruits

Commerce: Resilience to Ocean Acidification in Red Abalone Aquaculture

HHS: RNA-based Vaccine for Chikungunya Virus

NSF: Rare Earth Element Recycling

NSF: Robotic Strawberry Harvesting System

DOD: Rugged, chip-scale, optical frequency combs for real-world applications

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