I was the best cyber/sys admin/ engineer/ accountant in my group. 

I've found which agencies are buying the most of that


Let it rain cash




They expect me to provide training services also?

And they a PM?

And birthday and retirement event planning?


Why is all that in the RFP?


I don't do that other stuff! Nobody does all of that?

That is so dumb!


Welcome to government contracting.


The government doesn't buy components. It buys solutions. And sometimes the government needs a solution to a really weird problem. 



Is it worth it? Good question, going back to the math in the last course I need to save you five hours this time... raising the bar a bit.


Well, lets start at the top, if you get your value prop wrong you aren’t going to be able to market yourself effectively and are unlikely to win work, so every hour you spend at events and engaging customers selling the wrong thing is wasted time.


And developing relationships with potential teammates is a long process I would guess you're going to invest at least 10 hours per person before they feel comfortable bringing you into a bid team.  So if you spend time building relationships with one person that can’t actually help you, instead of spending that time on someone that we direct you to then this course just more than paid for itself.

And, as always, if you're an Eastern Foundry member, you get if for free

So what do I get from this course? During this course, we are going to


Class 1: Collect and analyze RFPs to learn more about what your customer wants

Class 2: Assess and shape your value proposition and identify gaps that you need to fill through hiring or teaming

Class 3: Map the administrative backdrop of your customer (vehicles they use, set-asides, etc)

Class 4: Build a list of people that you need to meet in and out of government to help you fill gaps

Class 5: Build a work plan that will tell you exactly what you need to do each week to make sure you are ready to win


Webinars: Spend an hour with us each week talking about your challenges and questions during our weekly webinar.

Interviews: Continuing hearing about the journey three Eastern Foundry CEOs went through as they started their respective government contracting businesses