So first of all congrats on the end of the proposal and I hope you have some time to enjoy the end of what I’m sure has been a sprint.   But there are a couple things I HIGHLY recommend you do before moving on to another proposal or your day job. And believe it or not these next steps are absolutely critical:

Have a debrief: Building proposals is a process and if you want to get better at it you need to do some post-game self-assessment. To run a debrief please download our recommended agenda and prep sheet HERE

Archive this proposal in the correct place: I highly encourage you to:
  -Save this proposal in a place where it will be easy to find
  -Link it to each relevant folder (e.g. if this was a proposal for Cyber at Navy then it should be in both folder, but DON’T COPY IT THERE! Instead link it to the different folders to avoid version control issues. To see how to do that click HERE