1) Rough it out: This should feel pretty familiar by now. Pull out the sheets where you listed the elements of your mission statement and for each element draw something on a post it that you think captures or connects to that concept (ideally three drawings per person per element)

2) Compare: Put each of the post its on your board and see if there are any commonalities between what people have drawn. If there are cluster them.

3): Select at most three elements (post its) that you think best capture your mission

4) Get some help for a first draft:  Think of a family member or friend that has some artistic skill and ask them if they would produce a draft logo for you from the elements you provide

Outside resources: Here are a couple good articles on logo design:

Logo Design Best Practices

25 Logo Design Tips

Vital Tips for Logo Design

If you don't know any artists: If you would like to invest in a reasonably priced outside artist I recommend using 99Design (we have no affiliation with them). Basically you will submit guidance on the logo you are looking for and a group of designers will submit options. The one you select gets paid. Pretty easy. For more information click  HERE