Ross Pfile




Ross Pfile

Agency Experience:
  • Management
  • Project planning
  • Proposal management
  • Technical writing
  • Washington (DC)
  • Information Technology and Services
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Cleared Proposal Manager (Secret) recognized for making complex and tedious proposal and bid management processes “refreshingly painless.”

Foundation Level Certification, Association of Proposal Management Professionals (CF, APMP)

Extensive experience managing business proposal processes for Fortune 500 companies like Cisco Systems and international development programs for The World Bank. Robust management and organizational skills with the ability to quickly adapt and respond to shifting business requirements, project demands, and organizational environments.

Five-year record maintaining customer satisfaction ratings of 4.95/5.00 as a Proposal Manager and Developer. Strong multicultural international collaborative experience leading multidisciplinary, multinational teams in proposal development, program, and publication development for international clients. Exceptional translation skills. Native English with spoken and written French fluency (rated by the World Bank as “Near Native” fluency). Core strengths include:

Shipley Proposal Guide Methodology
Marketing and Communications Leadership
Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning
Proposal and Technical Writing / Editing
Quality Assurance Direction
International / Government Publishing Practices Competencies

Specialties: Proposal & Bid Development and Management, Editorial Direction and Writing, Program Management, Bi-lingual (French & English)